Fish adventures

For last number of weeks my interest in cooking food from fish and shellfish have been interesting to say the least and was both love and hate at different times. Adventures from simply frying, cooking over hot embers, tasting fish and shellfish that I have never eaten before. From smoking fishing, cooking mussels flavoured with wild garlic, having adventures one might say, finding evidence for the SCA hearth fires that peat or turf was used both for heat and cooking along with the use of wood and charcoal. So cooking oysters on turf or peat, which in few more years will be impossible to do.

Smoking Salmon
Cooking Oysters, after lent I mean to use butter and wild garlic to flavour Oysters in April
Wild garlic flavour at its freshest with apple cider vinegar broad bean purée,

My son stated that my cooking had got very fancy and gourmet like, I beg to differ, simple food and recipes presented nicely , eating with our eyes as well as our mouths.

Using the wooden bowls , to serve the food and highlight the food
Making food a picture highlights the ingredients as well

So taking time to decide how to serve food is important, will come more important during these covid times. A thought for another day.

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