Fish through the ages

In Ireland and around the world it is now lent. From an invitation to partake in the Lent experiment by Agnes. Now what is the lent experiment. Let me tell you, in Ireland for many centuries, durning lent it was forbidden to eat dairy, meat, eggs on fasts days or durning Lent. The criteria I set was to extend my knowledge and recipes for shellfish, fresh and salt water fish, using what I regard as Irish flavours to flavour the food. Food that is eligible for use in the SCA for different time periods. We may not have recipes, what we do have on myths and stories, archaeological evidence from shellfish middens, pits and middens from monastic settings, fish traps and weirs through the ages, the rules of different monastic orders, illustration of fish in the manuscripts and mentions in the laws and annals. This blog began with the Salmon of Knowledge, I am relearning to cook fish, develop new skills such cooking different shellfish, smoking fish on outside fire, broadening my repertoire of recipes. The week before lent was the Barony of Eplaheimr first investiture, an important event and celebration in my life. I was suppose to be cooking a Irish feast with Unegen for the investiture, alas due to the pandemic the ceremony had to go online. However We were to have a picnic feast, so I decided I go with trout on the morning of the investiture which was seasoned with coarse sea salt on a bed of kale, spinach, oil/ butter, wild garlic drizzle of flavour vinegar in a parcel of grease proof paper or wrapped in cabbage leaves.

Wrapped and sealed, cooked in hot oven for 10 minutes or over hot embers.

Salted trout with greens and garlic asparagus with hazelnuts.
Picnic Feast

This is the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, everything is good simple clean food, herbs and foraged leaves with spinach makes for tasty salad. The story continues from cooking mussels, smoking mackerel, making various fish pies and cooking and eating lots of the colour green food. Tasting fish that I haven’t eaten in over a decade, interesting, exciting and mostly tasty, so far so good.

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