Menadach, wild garlic, beef and Juniper berries gravy

Beef with juniper gravy

This Sundays experiments, getting ready for an Irish feast in July. The story Aisling Meic coinne Glinn speaks of beef meat soup with purple berries. So as already mentioned previously have experiment with blackberries, now it’s time for juniper berries , fry meat off in butter and seal in, use pestle and mortar to break the juniper berries and release the juices.

Mashed juniper berries
Menadach , beef lard, oat flour,wild garlic

Making lard by melting beef fat in slow cooker, then adding flour of your choice in this case oats with added chopped wild garlic. Used this as a roux. The menadach will be used occasionally to add flavour to roasted veg, soups and gravy’s.

Menadach roux

The experimental cooking continues, foraging so another story for another day,

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