Irish type feast

Let the experiments begin, wild garlic season beginning, getting ready for investiture in July so looking to see frying off the beef in wild garlic butter for my beef and purple berries add to the taste of the dish , versus marinating in herbs overnight, now the purple berries will be a different experiment , my local butcher is selling shin beef, for years he went out to the back of shop to get me some, so excited to see it as part of the counter now.
The original menu looks like this, nearly three years ago will keep you updated on its progress

Asked about the planned feast for investiture so here we go again , this may change as lot of experiments have occurred since and our magical first investiture was on line so looking forward to July 2023 the first weekend
And for this one I will sign off as Meadhbh of the nine cauldrons

Menu looks like table set with creAm cheese ,salt , honeycomb and butter
Honey cakes
beef meat soup with purple berries

Green leaf salad with roasted hazelnuts black pudding
Hard boiled eggs or asparagus to cater for vegetarian etc
Baked honey and salted Salmon
Leek in milk
Wheat frumenty /stir about with different flavours and veg added
Baked apples/plums baked
Saffroncustard cream
Parsnip roasted with pork
Buttered greens
Roasted onion
Wild garlic, honey and verjuice/dressing for salad and dipping flat bread into

Instead of using oil in the dressing maybe use a verjuice or an apple cider vinegar, a raw vinegar with little amount of processing is best

Succulent Irish shin beef with wild garlic butter, salt, beef stock, garlic, salt

Experimenting with frying in herbs and butter versus marinating last year frozen herb butter
Slow cooker equating to cauldron on very cold Sunday morning I will get beef bones the next time I cook this dish

Cooking this dish long and slow is key, adding vegetables thinly slice is also an option, I suggest leek, thinly shredded kale but a beef soup almost broth like is good too, letting the few ingredients do the talking, vegetable so thin that they disappear into the beef soup

Slow cook
Shredded for the beef soup

Succulent and tasty, sealing the meats in the herb butter works well, so frying the meat in cauldron while camping will also work so purple berries is another story for another day

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