A taste of me

Who am I when I cook, am I the Hunter gatherer, the first farmer, the monk on an island, the copper miner, the miller,Gaelic chief, people of myths and legends, An Tain, the foods of Aisling meic coinne glinn, the illuminators, the fisherman, a Viking, a Anglo Norman, a slave, a servant, a king, a noble, a person, a warrior, a child, a person all who need to eat, live and die

At the heart of any cooking I do is the simplicity of the food, in Ireland through the ages in everyday lives food was simple in form, whether it is nut and crab apples picked from the trees and dried by the smoke of the fire. The shell middens where shellfish was primary source of food. The trout, the salmon or eel, cooked over fire, wrapped in rushes and mud in embers, in later times a pastry crust, poached in liquids or as stew with foraged greens and in time cereal. The cooks world is your oyster. Breads of cereal and a liquid, same cereal used as a pottage, porridge or gruel, all have one thing in common, cereal + liquid= food. With advance of time from Hunter gatherer to farmer, from queen stone to mill, from embers, fulacht fiadh, pottery and pots made from different metals cooking changed but the main ingredients did not

Fish is. A firm favourite cooked quickly on a skillet or over coals wrapped in greens
With smoky taste of the peat or wood embers
The. Wheat cereal pottage
Lots of fun with three cereals this year, wheat, barley and oats
Verde sauce from the herbs of my garden
Maybe I ll offer you fresh beets from my planter outside the door
Me on rambles, seeking inspiration for food through the ages archaeologically and historically
Cooking in sigginstown oven thanks to Liz and Gordon
Grains, my fascination at the moment
All different of fires and cooking methods
The grower
The tuatha cook days with friends
The herbalist and gatherer

To have many names associated with food and given to me

Always the biscuit maker

I have many names given to me

Queen of the breakfast Meadhbh of nine cauldrons The fire lady The lady of the biscuit so you choose the taste of me that you like and I’ll will see what food I will serve you

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