Grains and Pottages

Once upon time, it was norm to try and feed children porridge, feed adults porridge, feed the Knight, the lord, the squire, the monk, the Servant, the farmer . I could not abide porridge for over fifty years, today that changed. So a lot of medieval recipes call for addition of cereal such as oats, barley or wheat. so having purchased organic oats with their outer husk removed I left to soften in water overnight.

In this case I boiled them up with shAllots, garlic, parsley and thyme, as I wanted the grains for pottages and any medieval dish that calls for cereal.

Of course salt and pepper, taking the same ingredients I cooked off prawns, shallots, garlic, thyme, fennel and parsley still abundant in my garden on this February morning.

Basic ingredients
Adding the grains and some liquid from the oats

So now the real adventures again, wild garlic season is not too far away, a mussel or two or oysters would make a great seafood pottage

Leek, onion, wild garlic would create a full flavoured pottage with goodness of oats and barley. Now you may wonder why I don’t mention porridge, this too I will do in time but now will have fun with pottages.

The wheat grains sit in a mutton pottage, cooking in the slow cooker. When wanting to experiment the slow cooker is near as I can get to cauldron cooking on a really wet windy February day.

Mutton and wheat pottages

Veggie and oat pottages next.another story another day


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