What to do when you didn’t get to your actual cooking press

Got up this morning, going to event and at my work house , as I live between two houses, due to migraine which meant driving would be stupid yesterday

So a scramble to find enough garb , something to cover my hair,a mismatch of tunic and chemise but I will be dressed.

So now a few nibbles that are covid acceptable and medical acceptable for others. in other words not sharing dish but individual, not much in the press either.

Guess what, a really good base for marchpane, orange blossom marchpane is definitely my new biscuit , it is gently cooked in an oven which is cooling down turned back to100 c and then turned off completely after 10-12 min

Added a little glacé of orange blossom and powdered sugar with some water to about quarter of tray

I will display the ingredients

As it has unusual ingredients of coconut sugar, cap of sweet almond oil, water and half cap of orange blossom 100 grams of coconut sugar to 200 grams of ground almonds.

Orange blossom marchpane

Now I will declare my substitute of coconut sugar, but am looking forward to making my normal marchpane with orange blossom.

The only other quick make was scones, not medieval but quick to make, easy to serve as people arrive who want a hot drink and something to nibble on, has become a tradition that freshly made scones still warm wrapped in a tea towel with butter will set you up for the day, more to follow on pancakes and fritters , maybe more experiments today.

Quick bake, mix in large saucepan, can be a bit like been on camp here, but that ok

Off to buy a wire mesh sieve two sizes and off to Event in Tubberclaire , the first in person event in side in the Barony of Eplaheimr hosted by one of our Tuathas , up to now we had practices and picnics outside another story another day


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