The season for eating Oysters is coming for a close soon in Ireland . I learnt that Oysters are eaten durning the months with a R in it.

Oysters and the magic within.

As I research Irish foods through the ages, there are many mentions of shell middens through the Irish ages. They begin with the Hunter/ forager. Shellfish and oysters including up to and including 19th century Ireland were consider the poor mans food, food eaten on fast or fish days, lent etc… There were a lot of fast days in medieval times in the Calendar year. It got me thinking that I needed to experiment. It is said that oysters were harvested at low tide.

I knew that cooking of oysters was done, but how to do so was another story. I went the simplest form, cooking the oysters in their shell on hot embers. Now from past experiences of making bread etc, I went with the theory when I smelt them cooking, they should nearly be cooked, and yes they were. Heat opened the oysters, so no mad antics trying the pry them opened, the smell of the sea was what struck me as I opened sprinkled with a little Spring onion and tasted, yes they were cooked, easy to eat and I saved the liquid for fish stock. So if eating oysters raw is not your thing, try this.

Oysters cooking on slow peat embers
Oysters with spring onion

Separating the Oyster from the shell and harvesting some of the liquid later , I tasted my first Oyster, surprisingly good with a little kick from the mild onion, included the onion in case I found the oyster to my dislike. A plan some night for when Bardic circle is happening of cooking oysters and mussels on a balmy spring evening hopefully


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